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Services we provide

Web App Development

Gotoinc agency provides you a full cycle of web development for all your business needs and ideas. Our expert team has proven experience in the areas of travelling, avia, healthcare, coaching platforms, online education, and martech.

UI/UX Design

Any idea should start with determination of your Unique Selling Point and how exactly will it be presented to the user. UX/UI design is a bridge that is built between your USP and your clients. We all live in a time when product wrap often means even more than the actual product itself.

Team Augmentation

Gotoinc agency gives you key experts to run your IT systems and provides management and administrative support designed to carry out customer-specific operations at your site and other IT products.

What is Gotoinc?


Long term projects (12+ months)


Amazing team members


Customers came back with a new request


Projects completed

Gotoinc is an efficient Ukrainian software agency that provides development services in Ruby on Rails, Vue.js & React.

Despite the fact that we mainly keep our focus on the chosen technical tools, we still have gained a proven expertise in the areas of travelling, avia, healthcare, coaching platforms, online education, and martech.

Deep uncommon knowledge in the technical side allows us to solve complex problems in projects where performance, security and scalability are a priority. For the most productive interaction with customers, we follow several basic principles: communication, expertise and collaboration.

Our team

Anton Tkachov
Anton Tkachov
CEO, Co-Founder
I got my practical knowledge through bootstrapping a tech agency and trying myself in several tech startups. Now I help the others with MVP definition, customers acquisition, their retention, and product strategy.
Nikita Kostrov
Nikita Kostrov
I help Gotoinc clients in solving their business сhallenges as a part of the web application development process. And guide developers through the difficulties of a programmer's life.

We deliver when other fail

Our exceptional approach to work includes: favorable conditions for cooperation, completing tasks on time, providing technical advice, very high-quality service, prompt response, strict fulfillment of our obligations. During the execution client gets prompt and professional coordination of all issues, provision of documentation and all the necessary information on the project.

Practical experience

Real and sustainable practical experience to develop your product from idea to iterative enterprise solution

Measurable goals

Putting your concrete measurable financial or business goals to the head of all processes

Explicit planning

Explicit planning of strategy and tactics to reveal your risks and handle them in the very beginning of implementation path

Following deadlines

Following your deadlines, foresee and inform ASAP if any risk suspends them to a later date

Transparent reports

Precise and transparent reports and your tangible results every working day

Clients already trust us

The compactness of our team allows us to carry out a truly individual approach to each case and make a unique proposal of interaction for a specific client and their specific case.

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Zero To Ten SaaS software solution
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Sitata Risk management platform
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Qualaroo SaaS platform
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AppointmentCare Booking Platform
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Mailfold Mailing platform made easy for online sellers
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