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Ruby 5 min read

Create the MVP cheaper with Firebase as back-end

Firebase is a company that provides a range of cloud services. It was founded in 2011 and in 2014 was absorbed by the world’s IT giant Google.Firebase provides all the necessary services for a successful start and development of a startup, from a database and analytics to a package for the development and use of machine learning in products. Follow the link to learn more about the services that Firebase provides.

What is the main difference between Firebase and a regular back-end server? Their main advantages, for which many people love Firebase, are simplicity, speed of development and, of course, cost.

Why is developing a back-end on Firebase quicker and easier? Because Firebase itself is already doing part of its work for the developer. The deploy can be configured in a matter of minutes, logging is already enabled initially, the file storage does not need to be connected separately (such as the same AWS), Firebase provides its Storage.

If the database alone is not enough for your product and you need to create more complex logic, no problem. Firebase Functions let you implement your HTTPS API.

It would seem, why then need a custom back-end if Firebase is so cool and simple? But not everything is as simple as we would like. What are the disadvantages of Firebase? NoSql database. As practice shows, it often loses in convenience and speed of use. HTTPS request rate. Firebase is a huge and popular platform that many use (the same Shazam). Moreover, most of it is free. To maintain the quality and speed of work for everyone, Firebase ‘freezes’ each of the HTTPS functions if no one uses it for a while, thereby saving the power of its servers and distributing them to other users. And when someone calls this function (makes an HTTPS request) Firebase needs time to ‘wake it up’. Therefore, such a request can take much longer than the usual hundreds or even tens of milliseconds. But after waking up, everything works very quickly.

In all other respects, Firebase is just perfect for launching your startup faster and cheaper.

Powerful analytics (like Google Analytics) will allow the necessary statistics to achieve the highest results in your business.

Google constantly improves Firebase, so that every feature corresponds to the latest tech trends and gives you more possibilities. Creating an MVP with the help of Firebase eventually allows you to run the successful business by seeing how the app is used and improving it. You can refuze using backend server if you don’t need to collect huge amounts of data or you don’t have a difficult database structure.

Have fun and earn money using Firebase!

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