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Workspaces for secure cross-company collaboration. Working
with clients, partners and internal teams just got easier.
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New York
Cloud Collaboration Software
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Decision maker
Allan MacGowan

CafeX service

Instant collaboration. Review documents, chat and meet live with external or internal teams. Make it happen with just a web browser in virtual workspaces that are only a click away.

Shared content stays current. Need to send information outside your organization? Share files, calendar and application data the right way – with real-time access, no copies, all auditable using your corporate identity.

Guest-friendly meetings. Communicate as a team over HD voice and video. Chat and share screens. Invite guests simply by sending a link. Control what participants see. All recorded and transcribed.

What’s their

Bring a storage and applications. Keep complete control over all data. Store it in CafeX secure cloud based on corporate policies.

Display slices of application data in workspaces – keep everything current and synchronized.

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What issues
did CafeX

  • The CafeX site had an old-fashioned design built on WordPress and no longer met the client’s expectations. That negatively affected dynamic site traffic and brand perception. Also, the site structure needed rework in terms of usability, so that users can simply search for info without additional efforts.
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Why did they
choose us

Looking for a go-to executor for the project, CafeX asked their British friends about the recommendations of IT companies. And we were fortunate enough to be recommended. From that moment we began our collaboration and got an awesome team to work with.

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Tech stack we used

  • WordPress
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

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