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HighPass allows travelers to purchase airport services(Fast Track, Business
Lounge, CIP service, VIP service, etc) just in several clicks worldwide.
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Decision maker
Alexey Ratay

What is

HighPass allows travelers to purchase airport services (Fast Track, Business Lounge, CIP service, VIP service, etc) just in several clicks worldwide.

Usually passengers experience their pre-flight procedures as the most stressful and tense part of any journey. 90% of passengers know nothing about airport services and or how to order them.

HighPass platform will propose to you different ways on how to make your time at the airport calm, relaxed and joyful. And all of that will be just a matter of several clicks on your mobile phone.

What is the mission
of HighPass

To inform passengers about airport services and make them reachable just in several clicks

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What issues
did HighPass

  • Inefficient budget usage by chosen development partner
  • Unstable solution that wasn’t ready for live launch with commercial clients
  • Lack of technical strategy and planning
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Why did they
choose us

The previous software provider treated HighPass product as just a set of technical features, while Gotoinc focused on the real business issues and provided high-level vectors where product should move to and what needs to be done for overall software business sustainability.

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How we

Our teams met at one of the local conferences. Where the CEO of the HighPass Alexey shared his thoughts that he is really concerned about their current development provider. The technical solution started to go out of budget while the product wasn’t even reaching the release stage.

After providing several consultations we focused on the next bullet points:

Shortlist MVP functionality;

Replace agency team with a single product CTO that can refer to service of Gotoinc in case he faces areas he is not expert at;

Provide deep pre-launch testing of payments, API, and business interactions with airports that happen behind software.

All these stages were reached in 2.5 months and HighPass got their first sales. During one more year, we had been supporting the project. Set up proper management and release processes, to help analyze application metrics.

Client’s business wins with us

Made live release of the product with first sales

Replaced expensive and inefficient agency with their own optimized development team

Got additional expertise in running software business

Major technical wins of our team

  • Hired professional and very efficient CTO to the project team
  • Made rough documentation of the project and their future plans for quick onboarding of new tech members
  • Made quality assurance of payment processing in HighPass
  • Set up proper management and update release processes
  • Improved UX of Admin and Supplier panels
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Tech stack we used

  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SQL Server
  • Asp Dotnet
  • Entity Framework
  • Azure
  • .NET

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