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London, UK
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Decision maker
Celso Pinto

Pixie makes
things organised

Pixie is a practice management software for small accounting firms. It gets their customers, tasks, and workflows organised in one place. Such a solution allows accountants to stay on top of all ongoing work. Automatic logging with tagging of every email and file makes any search just a matter of several quick clicks.

Simplicity is the core priority of Pixie software. It includes ease of use and ease of implementation. Such a practice management system saves accountants time, effort and makes operations more efficient. Accounting flow and processes get more organised where both accounting firms and their clients benefit from better service.


From a business standpoint, Pixie was a released SaaS platform with paying customers and validated product-market fit. Growing number of clients and their feedback showed that the system needed plenty of improvements, optimizations and bug fixes in order to continue its scaling. Nonetheless, infrastructure and security were on the edge and required a solid boost for upcoming client acquisitions.

To understand the platform, we have reviewed the business logic, the technology stack and consequently created delivery plans for the whole project.

After the initial scope was released, we pro-longed our collaboration for long-term maintenance, support and development. Gotoinc is still a part of the Pixie project.

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  • Successful marketing campaign generated many new trial customers for Pixie. In the meantime, a growing number of clients brought additional expectations in terms of adjusting existing and new product features. It was very crucial to react fast and evolve the functionality in short terms.
  • Fast-growing platform required better security measures and system stability.
  • Pixie infrastructure needed to be improved and optimized to be ready for rapid scaling.
  • Development and delivery boost required much better and efficient team collaboration and synergy between remote members.
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Dedicated team
2 Full Stack developers1 Project Manager

Initiation. Project Manager analysed the current situation on the project. Established a clear consistent workflow of distributed members and introduced agile principles into it. Set up continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) processes;

Planning. Our team defined and measured the project scope, formed a detailed backlog and created sprint plans for the several months. Established communication plans with internal and external stakeholders to ensure efficient delivery;

Execution. During the implementation tech team paid high attention to proven architecture solutions, security needs, conventional patterns and code style. All delivered modules were clean, maintainable and well-covered by test automation;

Client’s business wins with us

2.7x trial clients growth and 2.1x paying clients

£2.25M has pocketed in a seed funding round

Reduce accountant daily operations timeframe on 30%

Regular significant revenue growth (Details are under NDA)

Major technical wins of our team

  • Implemented Live chat between accountants and their clients
  • Improved and optimized Multi-tenant architecture of the service
  • Implemented several additional key features of the platform
  • 30+ critical bugs were localized and fixed
  • Highly increased test coverage of the code
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Decision maker feedback

Celso Pinto
Celso Pinto Founder & CEO of Pixie

“The primary reason that I went was to go to GotoInc straight accelerator product development. Our goals were pretty much length to deliver the product features and we doubt in mind we definitely achieved them. So in this case we can say that project goals were achieved with success. The project management of Gotoinc was really helpful. That really took charge of the project and made sure that all the requirements were really balanced by the engineers as all. So those things were really positive”

Tech stack we used

  • Vue.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS
  • Zapier
  • GitLab

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