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Risk Management platform
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Travel & Healthcare
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Decision maker
Adam St. John

What is

Sitata is a Risk Management platform that plans your trip, manages your itinerary, avoids travel disruptions, and connects to help when you need it.

Sitata leverages the latest computer algorithms to detect not only disease outbreaks, but also safety concerns and anything else that might disrupt someone's travels, all at a much faster pace and broader coverage level than other sources. Their content and services are designed to keep travellers safe and healthy before, during and after each and every trip.

Sitata was founded by Dr. Ronald St. John, a world renown leader in the field of public health and emergency preparedness. He spent more than 35 years in the world of public health, consulted for various international governments and the World Health Organization, and retired as Canada's first Director Of Emergency Preparedness for the country.

What is the mission
of Sitata

Sitata’s mission is to protect the health and safety of global travellers. They deliver innovative health and safety solutions for travel insurance, financial organizations, airlines, travel management companies, travel medicine, international corporates, and non-profits to meet the expectations of today’s ultra-connected travellers.

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What issues
did Sitata

  • Sitata has a cross-platform application crafted with Titanium.
  • This technology didn’t meet any modern needs and couldn't provide a required level of quality. The solution was to find native Android and iOS developers to build new modern applications from scratch, with new design and features.
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Why did they
choose us

Gotoinc showed the tech experience among the other candidates. The client loved the communication and the way of thinking. At the same time, our mobile developers prepared an essential code architecture in Java within 1 day specifically for this project. It was exactly what the client wanted and expected.

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How we

Sitata has local back-end developers who create Machine Learning algorithms for the Sitata app. They had a lack of Front-end (mobile) development which was very important to find in a short term.

The client is an ex-programmer who wanted to manage the dev team himself. Thus we dedicated Android developers with great English skills directly to Sitata. They had daily meetings where tech-talks transformed even to friend talks – since we worked over 7 months with every-day communication.

The result of this engagement was a fully completed Android application and Sitata SDK for Android. New quality solutions positively impacted on the client’s business and popularity – the product we built together took the first place among other startups in 2019 as the most innovative one.

Sitata business wins with us

New apps attracted investors for future development

Sitata got 1st places on startup conferences as the most innovative product

Reduced development expenses by 60%

Major technical wins of our team

  • The UI of the Android version was made with iOS animation features in order to make them look similar.
  • Complete Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows other vendors to integrate Sitata solutions to their systems.
  • Over 10 integrated API services that work seamlessly.
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Tech stack we used

  • Android Studio
  • RestApi
  • Firebase
  • Java
  • Kotlin

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