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Zero To Ten

Zero To Ten is a SaaS software solution that helps match Learners
(formerly known as the “coachee”) with Coaches.
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Zero To Ten
Decision maker
Jeff Adcock

What is
Zero To Ten?

Zero To Ten is a SaaS software solution that helps match Learners (formerly known as the “coachee”) with Coaches.

What is the mission
of Zero To Ten?

ZeroToTen is designed to help Learners find a coach anytime, anywhere and for anything.

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What issues
did Zero To Ten

  • No technical team to launch SaaS platform
  • Keep development budget reasonably optimized
  • To make the interface modular and to make it look good for the corporate segment. At the same time, it should in few clicks perform it's main function – create a goal, find a coach and make your dream come true
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Why did they
choose us

Zero To Ten hired a local US Product Manager (Dan) who was an ex-developer and interviewed us for the project of his friend (Vanilla). Vanilla owner was really satisfied with the service/pricing we provide him, so Dan asked us to staff a team that can implement from scratch and launch Zero To Ten platform.

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How we

MVP of Zero To Ten product was launched using the agile methodology. Product Manager from US set tickets. Gotoinc team was researching them, was providing questions, suggestions and ideas about better way how to achieve some results. Everything went smooze and we were sure to finish on schedule, but after 2 months of implementation the situation changed a lot.

Zero To Ten team was fully sure about the software concept, because in their case platform wasn’t just a startup rather it was an extension to their existing business. Being backed by a successful and working business model foreshadowed great success for the platform on one hand, but required the top-notch solution and design quality on the other hand to prevent any bad influence on the existing brand.

This conclusion forced a turnover from a rapid MVP development approach to slow down and give much more focus on the UI and UX of the app, as well as it’s stability and fault tolerance. Official beta release was postponed almost for half a year because of several re-designs and huge logic changes based on potential clients feedback.

Circumstances moved the release date a lot, but as a result Zero To Ten got an app they really can be proud of. Right now the project is already Live. It scales and grows with the help of our experts.

Client’s business wins with us

Business got a platform that automates the bigger part of education process using ‘be a coach / get a coach’ principle

Business can rapidly manage their team roster at Gotoinc (no legal limitations as it would be with their local employees)

Development costs are optimized

Major technical wins of our team

  • Full platform launch from scratch
  • Agile and extendable solution architecture that allows to make huge turnovers in a limited timeframe
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Tech stack we used

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • React
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • Circleci
  • Heroku

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