Take a virtual ride through dozens of neighborhoods with community experts


Who’s our client? This is a neighborhood expert who helps you find the community the best suite for you and your family’s needs. They offer a unique approach to learning about your neighborhood via sound experiences.

House hunting is a time-consuming process. Imagine being able to narrow down the communities and neighborhoods you’re interested in without having to get in the car.

So the aim of this project is to help realtors and home buyers get the necessary information in order to choose the perfect neighborhood/area. It allows anyone to place audio onto specific geolocation on a map. And then be able to connect those audio pins to make tours as in a museum but this will be outdoors. The goal is to have the maps API provide turn-by-turn navigation to each audio pin. Each pin/geolocation will be associated with an auto-play sound recording that lasts on average 20-30 seconds.

Hothoods mobile application allows a realtor to create guided driving/walking tours to educate home buyers on the various neighborhoods in a city. These drives will be narrated by realtors’ voice - further selling their brand in that area.

The mission of HotHoods is to simplify the process of house hunting and to give customers an opportunity to do an independent investigation in order to determine if it’s worth it to pursue a meeting with a realtor in that location.

What issues HotHoods had:

Real Estate search takes 80% of time and efforts of buying process

Lack of existing services, that provide information not only about real estate units, but also about surrounding infrastructure

Realtor is forced to repeat the same intro about each real estate unit to each client

Lack of automation team, who can provide full cycle development of the tech solution

Why HotHoods chose Gotoinc?

Our previous client suggested dealing with the Gotoinc team. We had all the necessary resources we needed to start and complete HotHoods, such as - business analysis, necessary documentation and project planning, senior developers (iOS, Backend, and Frontend), a tester and a PM for the best price.

HotHoods Business Wins with us:

01 Search time of proper real estate units was cut on 60%
02 Real estate units get much more transparent and clear for the buyers
03 Client can now know all the details about the object before their meet with realtor and they can get straight ahead to their concerns and questions, rather than spend time on object introduction
04 Realtors started to spend 30% less time on their real estate objects management
05 App surves as a native advertisement of holding estate agency

Major technical
wins of Gotoinc:

01 Define application concept
02 Designed iOS application and custom admin panel
03 Integrations of MapBox - one of the largest providers of custom-designed maps for websites and mobile apps - Integration of SendGrid - a communication platform for transactional and marketing email
04 Released MVP

Interaction Stages

Phase 1

— Preparing Project Estimation

Preparing Project Estimation. During this phase were defined and calculated all resources needed to be gathered to realize this project.

Phase 2

— Business analysis

Business analysis, which provided identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. The solution included a software-systems development component, process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

Phase 3

— Prototyping

Prototyping. During this phase were created a prototype of our future application which gained us inputs and insights about how real users would actually use the product, so we could improve it.

Phase 4

— Development and Testing

Development and Testing. The applications were developed and tested on this phase. The main bugs were defined and reduced.

Phase 5

— Project closure

Project closure. Involved handing over the deliverables, passing the documentation, releasing staff and equipment, and informing stakeholders of the closure of the project.

Technologies we used

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