Qualaroo is a SaaS company that enables companies to gain valuable insights from their prospects and customers in real time.

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What is Qualaroo

Qualaroo is a SaaS platform that enables companies to gain valuable insights from their prospects and customers in real time. The service was specifically crafted for UI/UX designers, developers, and project managers to collect feedback from their end users. Analyzing how your target audience uses your SaaS, digital, or mobile products never was so easy.

What is the mission of Qualaroo

Qualaroo’s mission is to help companies understand why their customers and prospects make decisions. Understanding the why helps drive better business results – from improving your web conversion rate, increasing product engagement, reducing churn and more.

What issues did Qualaroo have:

  • One of the local US developers decided to start his own software company and they were concerned about finding a good replacement in a short timeframe.
  • Their business was in need to speed up technical performance to meet all current business needs.
  • They didn’t have any product for the fast-growing mobile market.

Why did they choose us

Gotoinc already had experience working with Xenon Ventures (holding company of Qualaroo) before. We fully took over the development of their own inner startup for restaurant businesses.

Being satisfied with the level of our communication, proactivity and technical skills, they decided to try us in real work with a live profitable app. They trusted us and we fully met their expectations.

How we interacted

Qualaroo had 2 local US developers and one of them decided to leave the project. Keeping in mind that looking for potential local replacement will take 3-4 months their management team decided to feel this gap much quicker by finding a remote expert. We already provided Xenon Ventures R&D assistance and they decided to propose to us to try our best on Qualaroo too.

At the beginning it was only one developer from our side, but being pleasantly surprised with the level of service they get and the price difference between local US developer and Gotoinc expert Qualaroo decided to add another backend position from our side.

After seeing such a big boost in delivery speed, Qualaroo top-management decided to make a courageous strategic move and expand their platform to support mobile applications. Understanding the risk of this research and investment they decided to minimize financial spending by trusting this challenge to us.

As a result in 2.5 months we provided them both Android and iOS SDKs and direct influence of this feature gave product +13% of revenue growth in the very first month of it’s announcement. Holding company made a successful deal of selling Qualaroo to Scaleworks.

Scaleworks have their own big development team, so during the next 4 project development was fully handed over to their own development resources.

Qualaroo’s Business Wins with us:

Revenue total growth of +140%
Expanding our market by mobile apps
Holding company closed a successful deal of selling the product

Major technical wins of our team:

  • Added 3 new question types: Dropdown, Matrix, Slider
  • Added a major system wide update of automatic survey translation to different languages and automatic definition of proper language during survey output
  • Adding over 40 additional options inside survey builder
  • Successful researched the best way to embed Qualaroo into native mobile apps
  • Delivered iOS / Android Qualaroo SDKs
  • UI redesign

Technologies we used

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